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Strapping Machine Fully and Semi Automatic Strapping Machine 010FA Series

We completely understand your needs for strapping items before offering a product for purchase. We offer semi-automatic as well as fully automatic machines that will assist you in strapping your items for safe and secure transportation of goods.

These semi automatic strapping machines can be used very easily and speedly by anyone. Just place your packaging item on strapping table and get it strapped within no time.

Strapping is very useful in bundling and holding the items together. This helps in space management at the time of transport and for storage purpose as well. This one time investment will make job easier and more efficient in the long run. As a strapping machine exporter, we are keen on high quality and performance oriented machines. We wish that once a customer comes to us, he does not spend more time searching for other strapping machine suppliers. Hence, we offer the following benefits to keep our customers happy:
  • Ease in assembly and disassembly due to modular designs
  • Easy and hassle free operations with auto strap positions
  • Power saving with high speed automatic strapping machines
  • Less maintenance requirements, smooth surface and less noise making
  • Higher efficiency with 24V accessing
  • More options for colour change on front doors and frame to suit your requirements
Our dedicated and technically trained team makes us one of the most preferred strapping machines manufacturers in India as we make sure that our clients receive timely as well as preventive service.
J N-85APN (Light-duty Air-preassure)
Semi-Automatic strapping machine manufacturer and suppliers In Delhi NCR(India)
MPS-010 FA-STA-1
  • Aluminum alloy arch having modular design, can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  • Auto strap position Functions and retry feeding makes operation comfortable.
  • Operating modes are very handy with the panel, ball switch and foot pedal switch.
  • 24V accessing, stop operators from abashing.
  • with the CKD frame and powder painting on the frame.
  • color Change on the metal arch cover, frontal doors & frame is obtainable. (Optional)
Specifications :
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