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Skin Packaging Machine manufacturer and suppliers

milleniumpackaging.in home Skin Packaging Machine
Skin packaging machines are gaining popularity as this is another innovative method of packaging material for improving their shelf display. This is particularly used for companies involved in manufacturing toys, tools, spare parts, cosmetic and health care products. We wish to cater to the growing and changing needs of our valued customers. This is the primary reason for coming up with high-quality skin packaging machines.

These machines help in protecting the products from spoilage i.e. dust and clamp. These are being used by industries such as rubber products, chain kits, sprockets, auto components, spare parts of machines etc. The price offered is reasonable and comes in different sizes as per the user's specifications. Skin packaging machine suppliers offer these machines due to less costs and extensive use.

There are some features that the users need consider at the time of purchase - voltage, power, area of packaging, packaging speed, packaging material, film width, dimension, weight etc. The packing procedure is made extremely simple with the transparent and strong felling. The packaging machine does not have parts that are prone to wear and tear, thereby, there is virtually no risk of mechanical failure caused due to moving vents.

We care for you and we believe that our job does not end with sale of machines. It continues even after the sale with our after sale maintenance services. Our customers come to us with a strong faith in Millenium Packing Solutions and they are never let down here.
Skin Packaging Machine manufacturer and suppliers in delhi
TB-390 TB-540
Voltage 220/50 380/50(3PH) 220/60(3PH) 380/50(3PH) 220/60(3PH)
Power 7.5 12
Area of Packaging 390 X 540 540 X 780
Packaging Speed 50-60
Package Material Skin packaging film
Film Width 450 600


1500 X 600 X 1350 1740 X 750 X 1350


135 195
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